Simple Steps on How to Sign up, Login and What to Do When You Forget MyCheckFree Passwor

MyCheckFree is an online billing and payment service that enables you to gather all your monthly bills into one place where they can be managed, tracked and paid. All you need to do is sign up an online membership with the company and give them a list of companies from which you receive your monthly bills. If you sign up an account with MyCheckFree, you will start receiving monthly billing statements from the company as well as a monthly reminder to log in and view your bills before they are paid. This article will outline some simple steps on how to sign up, mycheckfree login and what to do when you forget your MyCheckFree password.

mycheckfree login

How to Sign Up

MyCheckFree sing up process is simple and efficient, yet detailed enough to ensure that your information is secure and private. It only takes about- 5 minutes to fill out the details and complete the sign-up process. It involves four steps that include:

1. Providing your personal information

Your personal information includes your address and contact information that will be used to contact you. Also, you will be required to give your name that will appear on your payments.

2. Providing Some Security information

This involves information such as your driver’s license (if at all you have one) and social security number that will help MyCheckFree verify your identity so as to prevent any possible fraud. As part of the security questions, you will also be required to enter a Username and password.

3. Providing Your Payment Information

This information tells the company which account you would love them to withdraw payments from. You will be required to provide the account number and routine transit number for your account. This information is available on a deposit or a check slip. The company will check to verify the validity of the transit number.

4. Reviewing the Terms and Conditions

Before you complete your sign up process, the last step involves reviewing the terms and conditions for MyCheckFree.

How to Login

To log in to MyCheckFree login is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. All you are required to do is:

– Enter your user ID

– Type in the password

– Click sign in

Also, you have the option of using your Microsoft account to login. Microsoft account is a service that allows you to use your email to sign in a number of participating websites using a single password.

What to Do if you Forgot Password

For security purposes, MyCheckFree login cannot just give you a password through the phone. If at all you cannot remember your password and you incorrectly type it for multiple times, it will be revoked. If your password has been revoked, you then need to provide some information to reset it. The information you will be providing is used to verify your identity before resetting it. Follow this steps:

1. Go to Mycheckfree login page

2. Click on the Forgot password or sign-in ID link

3. Type the email that you used during the sign-up process and then follow the instructions on the screen.